Psychic Readings by Susan Taylor

Psychic Readings

With over 20 years of experience. Susan draws on a wealth of intuitive and Psychic skills to deliver your Reading  with compassion, wisdom and clarity.  She is dedicated to the service of others and their path to awakening. Being of service with her Readings is her greatest joy. She has been blessed in abundance with amazing gifts which include clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which means she has the ability to see, hear and feel spirits guidance. She uses these skills to compliment her psychic readings.
Susan began her career with a set of tarot cards given to her by a friend,  when all her readings began to come to pass, she realised her gift and began calling upon the Angels for guidance and healing for those who were drawn to her for help. Having followed this guidance in her own life for many years, she has also seen her own life flourish, and has touched many hearts and souls. She encourages others to develop their own intuitive skills and connect with their souls purpose to encourage fruitful and blessed life.  
Susan connects with your Guardian Angels, and the Universal Divine energy. She channels information from the highest source.  Some people are surprised at the directness of spirit. Each reading is as unique as the person receiving it. As amazing information begins to flow, guidance from Spirit Guides and Angels inform you of the past, present and future bringing you clarity to issues blocking your flow. Receiving this information can give you clarity for clearer decision making. Bringing you a lighter heart and your heart will be filled with joy. This will bring you clear vision for your soul purpose.  
Based on the Gold Coast, Susan also channels messages at group parties such as Psychic Parties and Tea Leaf Reading Parties in and around South East Queensland and runs meditation evenings regularly. She also does Holistic Healings and Holistic Counseling, and is  available for distance readings and phone and internet readings 
Call her today on 0418 732 741 for an appointment.
Phone Readings:
A telephone reading is the same as an in-person reading. You and Susan are having a private conversation and the information is clear and powerful. There is no difference as the connection to Divine Energy is the same. 
Susan excepts Visa and Mastercard payments

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Om Shivine is my word for complete Oneness.

I retreat into meditation for connection and  balance, which brings me growth to my soul.

As I travel through many dimensional realms.

My journey connects me to the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings on and around Mother Earth.

My  travel brings me rejuvenation to every cell of my body and  peace to my Soul.

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