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TEA LEAF READINGS PSYCHIC PARTIES - Would you like to book a Psychic Party?

Book a psychic tea party

If so I am  available to come to your home and offer
Spirit Readings where I connect to your Angels, their guidance will give you a glimpse into the past, present and future. It will bring you clarity and clear direction to your personal life. The Angels touch on every aspect of your life, career, romance, money, health, life experiences and children. 
It's fun and exciting, We get a great laugh out of some of the comments the Angels bring through as they can be very cheeky. 
There are 2 ways ..
Tea leaf reading is also known as Tasseography. 
Invite 5 or more friends for morning or afternoon tea and I will read your tea leaves. After receiving your cup I swirl and turn the cup upside down on the saucer and the remaining leaves form a collage of patterns and picture that tell me a story. 
I turn your cup in a clockwise manner, and read the collage of leaves. I channel the messages from your Angels the leaves giving me a guide as to what elements your life is needing to know. 
I can provide the cups, saucers and teapot. (hostess please provide loose tea leaves)
Brew the tea for three minutes, keep the leaves in, and drink up!  Leave a tablespoon of tea in your cup. Now it’s time to read.

Psychic Parties

Invite 5 or more friends and I will give each of you a 30 minute personal reading. 
We are away from the group for this reading and I ask you to choose a message stone, on receiving the stone you hold I channel the messages  from your Angels, they sometimes talk very fast and you receive lots of information to bring clarity, which brings you peace to your heart and balance to your soul. You walk away with a clearer understanding of why and what path your are on, and what direction to take next. You receive the message stone you have chosen as a free gift from your Angels.....
Call today on 0418 732 741 for your booking or any other inquiries......

Tea leaf reading

is also known as Tasseography

Tea Leaf Psychic Readings available

Psychic Readings Tea leaf Tasseography

Psychic Tea Leaf Readings

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Om Shivine is my word for complete Oneness.

I retreat into meditation for connection and  balance, which brings me growth to my soul.

As I travel through many dimensional realms.

My journey connects me to the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings on and around Mother Earth.

My  travel brings me rejuvenation to every cell of my body and  peace to my Soul.

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