Holistic Counselling

Holistic counseling

Holistic Counselling with Susan Taylor of OmShivine Gold Coast

Holistic counseling is an integrative approach to counseling
I offer holistic counseling on any aspect of your life where you are having difficulties. Whether you experience confusion about life direction, despair, anxiety, depression, relationship or self worth issues.
  • Are you tired of emotional pain.
  • Are you looking to find spiritual direction.
  • Are you ready to bring more joy and happiness into your life.
This is a gentle process helping you move forward in your life with Grace. Your heart and soul will be lighter and you will walk away feeling the Love and energy of your Angels as they channel their guidance  to process and release the things that are blocking you.
I work with you on a holistic and soul level to provide spiritual guidance and support and to help you to heal and understand the things holding you back from being all you can be.
Techniques and consideration of all aspects of a person’s being e.g. mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social aspects.
It is based on a person-centered approach which holds the belief that everyone carries within them the ability to make decisions and resolve issues in a way most relevant to their unique personal circumstances. The counseling relationship provides support and guidance for exploration and discovery, offering you an opportunity to explore your circumstances and your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, hopes and desires and discover your own resourcefulness for initiating change and healing. The primary focus is on the here and now, that is, what you are experiencing in the present moment in relation to your current challenges.
My task is to empower you to listen to your own inner guidance.
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Om Shivine is my word for complete Oneness.

I retreat into meditation for connection and  balance, which brings me growth to my soul.

As I travel through many dimensional realms.

My journey connects me to the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings on and around Mother Earth.

My  travel brings me rejuvenation to every cell of my body and  peace to my Soul.

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