Meditation 1.5.12 At Joe's Farm
1.5.12 Joes Farm Meditation.
Had a wonderful meditation group at Joe's Farm in Springwood.
The Farm truly holds spiritual energy and you can feel the release of negative vibes as you enter.
Join me on this journey...
I channeled through Saint Germain and he took us on a wonderful journey with his healing violet flame. We traveled on a magic carpet over valleys and mountains, lakes and seas.  I was transported to another time another dimension, an oasis appeared, as I landed I noticed a mystical pyramid appear. With the encouragement of my guides I entered the pyramid to be greeted by Saint Germain, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel and Arch Angel Raphael. Their healing light of love and over whelming greatness filled the pyramid center  I was in ore of what connection I had with my loving Angelic beings. I felt very privileged to be experiencing this wonderful encounter.
Saint Germain placed me on a beautiful purple velvet throne were he bathed my feet in an amethyst crystal bowl filled with holy water and purple petals. The purple energy from the bowl rose up through my feet into my legs and traveled up towards my head. The water life force energy swirled around my body and soul and cleanse every being of my existence removing any blockages, negative thoughts and illness that  may have attached to me in this life time and past life times. The water swirled and swished with great force as if a rough sea had entered my body. I felt calm and at peace while this was happening and as quick as it started the water life force energy started to calm down to a slower pace. It started to slowly trickle back into the amethyst bowl as it left my body. My head felt lighter and more clearer  I felt that I had cleansed any negative substances that had attached to me.
As the life force energy moved down my body the lower the water level got the lighter I became. I was in ore of the feeling it left me with and was amazed how the Holy water cleansed every part of my soul. I was then escorted by my guide to an alter were I was placed and Saint Germain touched my feet with the his Angelic hands. His beautiful violet light traveled up through my feet and into my legs, filling me with an overwhelming feeling of peace and contentment my heart expanded with the violet flame. The flame filled my whole body and then Arch Angel Michael approached me on my right side he moved his sword in position above me and swish the sword over my body to cut any cords of attachment I might have.
Arch Angel Raphael appeared on the left side of me and his emerald green light healed the space were the cords were cut. Arch Angel Gabriel appeared at the top off my head and shot loving golden divine light into my body and soul, the golden light  shot  into my heart. I then felt Saint Germain shooting golden light up through my legs and reaching my heart, as the two golden lights connected the golden energy shot up out of my heart and out through the top of the pyramid shooting up  through the stars and out in to the galactic atmosphere. The Golden light turned into a golden glow that surrounded Mother Earth and sent healing energy to all that inhabited her. The energy supply was endless the more the Angels transported the golden light through me the more Mother Earth and outer galaxies received the golden energy.
The Arch Angels slowly removed their hands and the golden light started to pull back into my body, were it settled in my heart. The Angels stepped back  so that I can once again be conscious of my body. I sat up with the help of my Guide and as I stood there in total ore of what had just happened. I knew I was in the presence of greatness and overwhelming wonder of the healing I received for  myself and for Mother Earth. I bowed to my angels with gratefulness that filled my heart and soul. I was then escorted by my guide to the entrance which a came from.
As I walked from the pyramid and felt the warmth of the sun shiny on my face, it was calming and it felt like a  blanket of light had wrapped itself around my body and soul. I turned towards the pyramid as I heard the stone door closing. I  heard the crunching of the rocks as it closed. I looked to the top of the pyramid were I saw the violet light beaming up to the galaxies above. I once again sat on my magic carpet and was transported back to present time and dimension. I felt overwhelmed with what had taken place and felt privileged that Saint Germain had chosen me and the people that joined me in meditation, to perform this wonderful Angelic healing on us all.
Thank you my Angels for letting me channel and receive your loving light. 
Blessed Be from your loving lightworker. xx

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