Meditation 2.5.12 The circle at my house
2.5.12 Meditation at my house Runaway Bay
We opened the circle with a Chakra Balance drawing in the energy of each Chakra as I chimed the Harmonic Healing Chimes.  
Join us on our journey...
I was then transported to a mountain top, which felt peaceful as I sat and gazed out over the valley. The Angels asked me to stand and start walking down the mountain.
The lower I descended the thicker the vegetation got until I was fully emerged in the rain forest below. I felt the cool change as the canopy above closed in.  I approached a mist and walked through it as if a veil had been lifted.  I noticed the vegetation was thick and a wonderful lush green colour.  I also felt and saw the life force energy running through the veins of the big elephant ear leaf and felt Mother Earth's heart beating under my feet. As I become one with the life force energy. I became a tuned to the noises and the beat of the  the vibrant colour as the energy exploded form every leaf and tree.  I saw amazing animals feeding in the forest. I noticed up ahead twinkling lights darting before me. I tried to focus on them but they were to quick darting in and out of the ferns and trees. The little creatures formed a word with their twinkling lights, I saw the word BELIEVE in large letters before me, shinning brightly. As I resonated with the word  and I felt it in my heart, the lights  darted off hiding among the ferns.
As I walked along the golden path once more a beautiful alyssi butterfly appeared. It was as large as a dinner plate and the most  vibrant blue I had ever seen. I heard the sound of  its wings flap as it flew closer to me. I followed the butterfly along the golden path. I heard a flute playing. It got louder as I approached. I heard running water from a steam close by and as I turned the corner I notice a vibrantly dressed pixie sitting on a rock at the edge of the stream, he was playing a shiny silver flute and dressed in a  red cap  and an emerald green coat and pants. His shoes were black and very shiny. He gazed at me but never stopped playing, as I sat down close to him on some moss and leaned against a palm tree. I  gazed into the water seeing sunbeams from above dancing across the water, everything was sparkling and moving in divine harmony to the sound of the pixie's flute. I  listening to the lovely music and  I slowly closed my eyes as I drifted off to another dimension, another time.
I found myself walking down the golden path. Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light.  I headed towards it. As I approached I thought it was a horse, but as I got closer and my vision became clearer I saw a unicorn. I touched his mane and my hand also shimmered to match the vibration of the unicorn. I hopped onto his back and the unicorn moved slowly forward down the golden path. I felt the life force energy from the rainforest and saw dew drops on the leaves shining like diamonds. I felt the divine energy pulsating from every leaf showing its full auric field glowing beneath the canopy of the rainforest. I noticed orchids glowing with electricfying energy white, yellow and pink swaying in tune with the heart beat of Mother Earth. I felt a change of energy ahead and as I focused my eyes a purple portal appeared.The unicorn walked through it, I notice a lovely valley, I saw green fields as far as my eyes could see.I felt the air was fresh and filled with graceful energy. I noticed some smoke up ahead behind a hill. As the unicorn and myself walked around the hill I noticed a log cabin. It looked so quaint and inviting. As we approached I started to get excited in wonder what and who would be inside. I climbed down from the unicorn, he grazed while I walked up to the small wooden door.
I knocked and a heavenly gypsy greeted me. She had a red and blue scarf on her head with tiny bells on the end and crystal beads around her neck. Her dress was made of red velvet and a blue belt surrounding her waist with a large golden buckle. She had a blue shawl draped over her shoulders. She had a large amethyst ring on her right hand which glistened under the light. The golden bangles clinked together as she walked over to a table with two chairs. The table was covered in purple velvet and a small purple candles flickered. She asked me to join her and as I walked over I notice a lovely fire crackling. I saw the flames dancing orange, red and yellow I felt the warmth of the flames. I felt relaxed and safe. I sat opposite the gypsy as she shuffled the tarot cards and laid out a spread before her. She then reached for her crystal ball and put it into the middle of the table. She asked me to place my hands on to it and rested hers over mine. As our energies became one she proceed to ensure me that everything was wonderful in my life and she asked me to gaze deeply into the crystal ball. I felt myself connect with the energy and I felt myself falling into the crystal ball. I noticed signs and symbols. A guide appeared and gave me a message and as my presence came back into the room the gypsy removed the crystal ball and gave me 3 messages with the tarot cards.
A large white owl appeared at the window as the gypsy opened the window I noticed an envelope in its mouth . The gypsy took the envelope and handed it to me and the owl flew off. She smiled and informed me the reading was over. As we stood up I could hear the tiny bells that surrounded her ankles. As she came closer and embraced me to bind the reading to my heart, I felt the wonderful unconditional love from her heart connecting with mine. I thanked her for my soul purpose messages and headed towards the door. As I turned to give her one last smile, she had disappeared. As I turned back towards the lovely log fire, there was no fire burning in the hearth. Had I imagined the whole thing? No I think not as I had the envelope from the owl in my hands. I walked out of the door and closed it behind me and walked over to the unicorn and climbed on its back.
The unicorn walked slowly forward and back towards the purple portal. As we walked through the portal I noticed once again the radiant energy from the rainforest. I slipped down off the unicorn and hugged its neck and thanked it for my wonderful journey. The portal slowly close and the unicorn slowly disappeared. I walked back once again down the golden path till I reached the pixie playing his flute. I found myself once again sitting on the moss relaxing against the palm tree. I opened my eyes and stood up and thanked the pixie for such sensational music. I headed off down the golden path back down through the rain forest and as I walked I noticed the twinkling lights, As I got closer I noticed one was resting on an orchid. I noticed the little twinkling light was a fairy. How blessed I felt to be able to see a real live fairy. As the fairy noticed me watching her she darted off to hide behind a leaf. I proceeded down the golden path and once agian the beautiful allysi butterfly appeared and flutter around me. Once again I heard the flapping of it's majestic vibrant blue wings. I noticed it's curly tongue and it's small dark eyes. I came to a fork in the road and the butterfly flew to the right, I followed.
As we walked down the golden path I felt the life force energy retrieving into the leaves. The butterfly remained in the coolness of the rainforest and had landed on a large orchid and its little curled up tongue was flicking in and out as it was drinking the nectar. I walked once again back through the mist. Sunlight glistening on a set of steps heading back up towards the top of the mountain. I climbed the steps and the higher I climbed the brighter the sun shone I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and the sun seemed to  ground me into this time and dimension. I approached  the top of the mountain were I sat gazing out over the valley feeling my heart sing with contentment.
My soul was excited with the messages I had received today. I reached inside my pocket and opened the evelope I had got from the owl and gypsy and read it . I closed my eyes and held the card to my chest as I took in a deep breath and I felt the essence of the message and as I exhailed I sent the love out into the universe.
I felt humbled by  what I saw, smelt, felt and touched and once again thanked my Angels for another wonderful insightful moment felt with my every essence of my Mind, Body and Soul.
Blessed Be. xx

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